About Leilani

Leilani’s favourite subjects are water, sky, trees, mountains, and animals. She uses acrylics or oils on canvas.

Leilani takes inspiration from nature. Her style is to idealize and to simplify, using bright colours and a bold approach. She finds the positive and the beauty in the world and pours it into her art.

She feels it is important to enjoy life. She enjoys martial arts, rock-climbing, snowboarding, hiking, biking, yoga, and traveling.


You may wonder how to say Leilani, and if she is Hawaiian. The answers to the most common queries are:
- Leilani is pronounced "Lay-lah-nee".
- She is half Malaysian-Chinese and half English.
- She grew up in England. At the age of 12 she and her family moved to Canada.
- She is not Hawaiian, nor did she ever live there, but she did visit and swam with a sea turtle.
- Yes, her name is Hawaiian and it means Heavenly Flower.