Art or Bust at HOT ART Wet City on Main Street August 31 2015

I painted a cast of a woman who fought with breast cancer. It is currently on display along with others at the Hot Art, Wet City Gallery on Main Street. The casts are for sale with 100% of funds given to Rethink Breast Cancer. The Art or Bust project is curated by artist Jenn Brisson and will be displayed alongside the Boobies and Weiners show.

HOT ART, Wet City
2206 Main Street (& E 6th Ave), Vancouver

Adults only, view discretion is advised!

Art or Bust Project

Hot Art Wet City

"I'm taking part in Art Or Bust for the same reasons I started running and dyed my hair bright red: because I'm still alive and because I can." - Lori Kittelberg, lumpectomy/chemo/rads 2012 (model)

"I wanted to beautify the bust because women already have issues around their bodies and going through breast cancer would only magnify that. Scars and changes from surgery are emotionally as well as physically traumatic. The flowers represent the healing process." - Leilani The Artist (artist)