Mountain FM Your Adventure Station 107.1 Squamish April 17 2016

A HUGE thank you to Darren McPeake for having me on 107.1 Mountain FM, Squamish on Thursday, April 14th. I went on air just after 8:30am to talk about my recent New York art show experience! He also played my ambient dance pop song I BELIEVE!

Darren McPeake, Me & Max Sussman at the Adventure Station!


Open Studio Weekend - Sat & Sun, Sept 21st & 22nd August 24 2013

Please visit me in my home studio as part of the Squamish Artcrawl Sat & Sun, Sept 21st & 22nd. Many other Squamish artists are also opening up their studios for visits, so you can tour the town and get your fill of art that weekend. Pick up a map at the Adventure Centre or any of the venues. My venue is the Watershed Grill Restaurant in Brackendale, Squamish. Best view in Squamish, great food and the art is ok too. This is the home of 2 permanent pieces, the 6 foot wide Cougar Eyes and Wolf Eyes.